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2012-05-25, 17:25
Best in STL Friendly, clean, and low prices....
Laz P.
2012-05-25, 17:25
This gun store rules! I can't wait for the new custom AR-15's to come in, and the new features are sweet!
Ozzie C.
2012-05-25, 17:23
I love coming in here because the staff never makes me feel dumb - they answer every question with a smile!
Chris R
2012-05-25, 17:22
Both the site and the new gun store look awesome! What an inviting and terrific staff you have!
2012-05-25, 17:21
Best in STL Friendly, clean, and low prices....
2012-04-25, 17:20
1st time shopper at Southside today and what a great experience! First, i didn't really know they were there and have lived in the area a big chunk of my life. 2nd, thought i was just going to a pawn shop to use them for an FFL tarnsfer. what a surprise to find a clean, bright, well maintained business run by some very nice people. Then even better, to find out that they rep some of the better ...gun manufacturers out there with a real gun shop....maybe small but growing and very nice. then their jewelry store looks nice enough to be a mid to close to high end store in a mall....nice selection and very well presented!! then, the icing on the cake when Wade and Natalie told me that they will be starting construction sonn on their own gun range!!! how awesome is that!! no more driving to Arnold to go shoot when they're done!!
2012-03-21, 17:21
Paid me more money I went to 3 pawn shops with my hand gun and gold necklace and they gave me the most by double on the hand gun and more on the jewelry- great place thank you
2012-03-15, 11:20
Great Service - Great Prices I stop in every few weeks to see what new stuff they have. Nicest people in the world, ready to deal. I've bought several firearms from them as well as tools and whatnot. They have a good eye for merchandise. Stop in regularly and you'll see.