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Second Biggest August For NICS Background Checks on Record

by Keith Brooks
Keith Brooks
Keith Brooks is the owner of Southside Guns and Ammo. He has decades of experie
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The Adjusted NICS (National Instant Criminal Background) Check System figures for April, 2014 are 1,031,959 checks, the 2nd highest on record in the 17-year history of the program.

In the seemingly ever-increasing rise in gun sales under the current administration, the statistics released by the FBI put the number of checks performed in August of 2015 at 1,745,410, which is the highest on record.

The gun industry’s trade group, the National Shooting Sports Federation, has an adjusted figure that omits CCW applications.  A final figure of 1,031,959 was reached, which was an increase of 4.3 percent compared to August, 2014.  The final figure was narrowly edged out by 2012 data.

American women continue to increase their right to keep and bear arms for the purpose of self-defense and sport shooting.

Southside Guns and Ammo has always been female friendly and supports that with great personal service and patience when women are shopping for a firearm or other accessories.


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Keith Brooks

Keith Brooks is the owner of Southside Guns and Ammo. He has decades of experience selling and giving loans on firearms of all types, pistols, shotguns, long guns, rifles and anything else you can order.


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